Allina Yang

Allina Yang, PE, LEED AP BD+C

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When we met Allina, we correctly guessed that she subscribed to Popular Mechanics when she was growing up (we missed Popular Science but that’s true too). Allina received her BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and her MS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Southern California. After working as a mechanical engineer for a large mechanical contractor and then a data center developer, Allina received her MBA from Boston University's Public and Nonprofit Management program, with a Concentration in Energy and Environmental Sustainability, in order to better align her career with her values. At Re:Vision, Allina meshes her engineering background with her passion for more sustainable buildings and communities.

If you know Allina, you won’t be surprised…to see her hobbling around after a weekend of playing flag football.

Angela Iraldi

Angela Iraldi, LEED AP BD+C, CPHC, PHIUS+ Verifier

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As an experienced commissioning, sustainability, and facilities planning consultant, Angela knows her way around both the boiler room and the board room. Her design background and experience in the field provide teams with practical insight into sustainability approaches and implementation. Angela’s technical understanding and personable nature are well-suited to untangling technical challenges, managing diverse teams, and facilitating community outreach. Angela received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.

If you know Angela, you won’t be surprised…to find her scoping out the latest cheeseburger place with her pit bull, Penny.

Bryan Astheimer

Bryan Astheimer, LEED AP BD+C, AICP

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Bryan has over a decade of professional experience in ecologically sensitive site design, sustainable infrastructure master planning (solid waste management, potable water supply, wastewater treatment and reuse, energy generation and distribution, ecological systems), hydrologic analysis and design, LEED consulting and high performance building design within the US and internationally. Bryan received his MS in Urban Environmental Systems Management from Pratt Institute and a BS in Forest Science and Watershed Management at Pennsylvania State University. Bryan is also a certified planner from the American Institute of Certified Planners.

If you know Bryan, you won’t be surprised… if he nicely corrects your attempt at tree identification.

Celeste Weaver

Celeste Weaver, LEED Green Assoc.

Communications Manager

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Celeste helps connect us with those interested in our work and builds community around issues of sustainability. Celeste is an artful graphic designer and fearless archivist of our project work. Celeste holds a BS in Graphic Design from Drexel University and has a realtor’s license, providing real estate services upon request.

If you know Celeste, you won’t be surprised…to see her attached to a mason jar filled with an otherworldly-green smoothie concoction.

David Salamon

David Salamon, CPHD

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David is motivated to design architecture of consequence that improves the lives of individuals and their communities. Prior to earning his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at the University of New Mexico and a Master of Architecture with a Certificate in Ecological Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, David designed and built off-grid and passive solar homes. With this background, David approaches architecture through the eyes of a designer, ecologist, craftsperson, and builder. David is a Certified Passive House Designer, the first elected President of the Greater Philadelphia Passive House Association, and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Temple University where he teaches energy modeling seminars. At Re:Vision, David provides architectural design and high-performance / Passive House consulting services.

If you know David, you won’t be see him sifting through dunes of Legos with his daughter.

Drew Lavine

Drew Lavine, RA, LEED AP, CPHD

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Drew couples large firm rigor with small firm intimacy. Drew has a balanced mix of new construction and renovation experience that ranges from complex building types and campus plans for large institutions to highly customized residential designs. Drew is an architect’s architect, combining strong design sensibilities, project management skills, technical knowledge, and uncompromising attention to detail. For this reason, Drew leads the architectural studio’s quality standards development, including BIM standards. Drew is a registered architect with a BArch from Virginia Tech.

If you know Drew, you won’t be surprised… to find him at the office picnic table on a nice day picking on a guitar.

Evan Hauptmann

Evan Hauptmann, AIA, LEED AP

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Evan is a registered architect who has had a hand in many beautiful spaces and joined Re:Vision to shape places that are not just beautiful but also sustainable. Having worked in New York, Vancouver, Washington DC and Asheville, Evan appreciates place-based and climate-based architecture. Evan has worked on projects from 3,000 sf to 300,000 sf and cares about details large and small. In addition to his architectural degrees and LEED Accreditation, Evan holds a certificate in Urban Permaculture Design.

If you know Evan, you won’t be surprised…to bump into him chasing his son down a hiking trail.
Justin Weisser

Justin Weisser, RA, LEED AP, BECxP

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Justin is an innate problem-solver and sees green architecture as a way to solve many problems at once, from resource conservation to healthier environments. Justin is comfortable along the entire spectrum of hand-craft to high-tech. Prior to receiving his Masters in Architecture from the University of Virginia, Justin received a BS in Biology from Bates College. Justin is an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University in the Master of Science in Sustainable Design program and is a Building Enclosure Commissioning Process provider.

If you know Justin, you won't be surprised... that he can find a Fletch quote for any occasion.

Kristie Kozenewski

Kristie Kozenewski, LEED AP O+M, BD+C, CPHC

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Kristie diplomatically and efficiently guides interdisciplinary teams in moving green projects from concept through completion. Having worked as an interior designer, facilities planner and sustainability manager at a construction management firm, Kristie brings practical understanding of sustainability from multiple perspectives. Kristie has a BS in Interior Design from Philadelphia University, is Green Advantage Certified and a faculty member, is actively involved in the Delaware Valley Green Building Council, and is a LEED study group facilitator.

If you know Kristie, you won’t be surprised…to find her in her organic garden defending her tomato plants from an onslaught of hungry squirrels.

Mike Cronomiz

Mike Cronomiz, RA, LEED AP, CPHD

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Growing up around farms, Mike developed an early appreciation for climate-appropriate and site-sensitive architecture. Mike has refined this experiential understanding of green buildings through technical research in order to arrive at architectural solutions that are both thoughtfully-designed and carefully engineered. Mike is a PassiveHouse International Certified Designer, a graduate of Philadelphia University’s School of Architecture, and an adjunct professor in building systems with a focus on thermodynamic physics and dynamic systems.

If you know Mike, you won’t be surprised…if he stops to strip a road-side refrigerator of its parts for his latest invention.

Nick Semon

Nick Semon, LEED AP BD+C, PHIUS+ Verifier

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Nick helps teams to create buildings that are simply good for everyone. His experience working with non-profits, AEC firms, and public bodies has made him a technical guy with a holistic approach to sustainable buildings. He has authored regional sustainability guidelines and created self-assessment tools for school managers to measure environmental metrics. Nick's background is in Civil Engineering, with a BS from Penn State and an MS from UC Berkeley. He is active in the leadership of the Pennsylvania Green and Healthy Schools Partnership.

If you know Nick, you won't be see him credited as a producer for the West Coast premier of Jerry Springer: The Opera.

Rob Fleming

Rob Fleming, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

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Rob, a Sustainability Fellow at Re:Vision, is the founding Director of Philadelphia University’s award winning Master of Science in Sustainable Design Program a trans-disciplinary degree program fostering collaboration, integrated design and creative exploration as the cornerstone of successful sustainable design practice. Rob is the author of Design Education for a Sustainable Future, published by earthsan/Routledge. At Re:Vision, Rob provides a bridge between research and practice and supports Re:Vision’s community engagement efforts.

If you know Rob, you won’t be surprised…to learn that he went to Woodstock at age five. And no, he did not swim naked in the puddles.

Sharon Dangelo

Sharon D'Angelo

Office/Finance Manager

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Sharon, ‘What Would We Possibly Do Without Sharon???’, D’Angelo is the backbone of our operations. With a background in finance and administration, Sharon is the goddess of financial flows at Re:Vision and keeps our internal operations humming.

If you know Sharon, you won’t be surprised…to see an Out-of-Office reply during the Burning Man festival where she performs fire arts.