2015 | Philadelphia, PA

William Penn House is a Cooperative Apartment Building with ground-floor commercial, a multi-story parking deck, and 25 floors of residences.  Major capital upgrades to the 1965 building require Board approval, therefore they were eager for recommendations for sustainable building system replacements and/or enhancements as well as analysis of the costs and benefits of these options.  Re:Vision led the multi-disciplinary building investigation that should enable the Board to be even more pro-active and capable of responding more ecologically to building upgrade and renovation needs.  The final report for the study includes:

  • A detailed analysis report with ROI related to: Common Area Lighting, HVAC, Elevator Systems, Domestic Hot Water, Plumbing, Steam System, Solar Projects, and Building Enclosure.
  • Contractor Green Guidelines for building renovations, including plumbing fixture and fittings, paints, sealants, lighting, materials and construction waste.
  • Graffiti Reduction Plan
  • Green Roof Feasibility Study

Lead Consultant:  Re:Vision Architecture
Energy Consultant:  Practical Energy Solutions
Infrared Analysis Consultant:  Hometown Green
Green Roof Consultant:  Roofmeadow