Aerzen Live Solar Dashboard

Aerzen’s Solar Dashboard

October 31, 2014

It’s Friday, October 31, 2014 and Aerzen’s headquarters in Coatesville, PA is generating 48.57 kW on a mostly clear day. Thus far the solar array has generated 484006.99 kW hours since February 2013. It’s CO2 offset equals to saving 8,712 trees and its energy generated equals to 39,204 gallons of gas saved.

How did I, a humble communications coordinator, get my fingers on all this data and actually know what I’m looking at? The RER Energy Group installed Aerzen’s 205.8kW array and they provide a live online monitoring system.

The 205kW system generates an impressive 90% of Aerzen’s electric demand.  This is achieved only in part through the panels.  The most important factors are a low base electric load through careful passive design, and on-going attention to operations.

Check out the live system 

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