Tread Lightly on the Grid

Every year, the DOE releases information about where electricity gets used in the US.  And for 2017, there’s very good news: we don’t need fossil fuel on the grid! Ok, well, yes, technically we do still need them on the grid. But let’s look at the numbers to explain.  The big energy source players: Coal:… More

Skeletons in the Closet

We all have a few and some of them are actually fun to share.  I was proud to see my name connected with the 10th anniversary of the Ravenel Bridge which is both a beautiful bridge and one that is heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists thanks to the work of cycling advocates.  During the… More


I realize Office Manuals don’t make for the most exciting reading but I think there is a section in our handbook that Philadelphia employers should know more about… “Re:Vision participates in the Home Buy Now program offered by the City of Philadelphia designed to encourage homeownership in Philadelphia. It’s good for the City, it’s good… More