Why LEED for Schools: It’s all about the Benjamins (and all of your other students!)

We’re occasionally asked about the value of formally pursuing LEED Certification.  Why not just ‘design to LEED standards’ and not worry about the formalities and cost?  The most important reason is that formal Certification necessitates on-going attention to sustainability that results in better performing projects. Re:Vision has been named to the top 20 firms globally… More

The Wrong Way to Get to Net Zero

Because our office is LEED EBOM Platinum certified (and because we’re just nerdy that way), we track our energy bills pretty closely. Our Portfolio Manager account is stocked with month-by-month reports of how much energy our solar panels produce and how much energy we had to pull from the grid. On a generous day, one… More

Learning from Early Adopters of LEED v4

LEED v4 was officially launched in fall of 2013 with a plan for all new projects to register under the new version by summer of 2015. But given increased rigor and multiple updates, the USGBC granted an extension until October 2016 to allow time for LEED users and members of the green building industry additional… More

Get involved with the 2016 Community Project

Combining our green architecture and sustainability expertise with community involvement just got a whole lot easier. Re:Vision’s Kristie Kozenewski, a DVGBC Ambassador, is seeking volunteers to join her and DVGBC in creating the 2016 Community Project. Both short and long term opportunities are available that range from recruiting and selecting the project to ultimately putting a… More

How to Use EPDs in Your Practice: Advice from Designers

BuildingGreen.com discusses ways in which to use Environmental Product Declarations. Here at Re:Vision, we use EPDs to vet products for our library to meet LEED and Living Building Challenge standards. We have also started to plug the data into the Athena Impact Estimator, a whole building Life-Cycle Assessment tool. Check out the BuildingGreen article!    

SITES Online Now Open for Project Registration

GBCI and SITES announced the official launch of SITES and SITES Online. What this means is that projects can now register and have access to the full suite of SITES tools and certification process. In anticipation of the roll-out of SITES, Re:Vision has been using the SITES v2 framework for over a year on James… More

Do you want to join our team? Sustainability Consultant needed!

Re:Vision Architecture, a deep green architecture and sustainability consulting practice located in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, is looking for an experienced Sustainability Specialist to guide clients (typically building owners, facility managers, or design teams) through strategic and low-stress LEED certifications and other related green building improvements and/or sustainable development plans. It is anticipated that 80% to 90% of… More

When Water Saving isn’t Just Smart, it’s the Law

We are asked to run a lot of cost scenarios for sustainability ‘upgrades’ and I can tell you, reclaimed water and rainwater harvesting rarely make the cut.  Who’s doing it? Camden Friends, Musconetcong Watershed Association, Tasty Baking Company, and United Natural Foods.  Okay, a bunch of our clients do it but our clients are more forward-thinking… More

LEED Proven Provider

Some people get to go through the pre-screen line at airports. Re:Vision can’t help you with that, but we are now a LEED Proven Provider, which is kind of like a LEED pre-screening. We earned the designation due to our consistent excellence in administering LEED projects, says the Green Building Certification Institute. This designation will… More

Deep Material Vetting: How Do You Do It?

How do you avoid the worst offenders? How do you use disclosure tools such as HPD, EPD, MSDS, and Declare Label? And how do you spot an information gap? Our Living Building Challenge Ambassadors, Scott Kelly and Chris Lee, answered these questions (and more) during a live interactive webcast with BuildingGreen.com that focused on how to vet material… More