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Our Mission

We are a collective of purpose-driven people committed to re:visioning and restoring the balance between natural, built, and social environments.


Re:Vision was founded in 2002 to make a positive difference through the work of design and building professionals who wanted to unapologetically combine their passions for natural, built, and social environments. Today, Re:Vision is comprised of two studios in one LEED-certified building—an Architecture studio and a Sustainability Consulting studio.

Sustainability is part of Re:Vision’s DNA and it shows in our portfolio of Zero Energy verified, Passive House certified, LEED Platinum, Living Building certified, and common sense green projects.

With care for the impact of our business, Re:Vision has been a certified B Corporation since 2007 and Just labeled since 2021 to make transparent our social and environmental performance.


Staff Certifications

LEED Accredited Professionals
Registered Architects
Certified Passive House Professionals
Living Future Accredited Professionals
Certified Biophilic Designers
Living Building Challenge Auditors
Building Enclosure Commissioning Process Provider
Living Future Heroes
WELL Accredited Professionals
TRUE Advisors
Certified Thermographers
LEED Fellow
ACCA Certified HVAC Designer
Accredited Commissioning Authority + Building Enclosure

Firm Certifications

Cerified B-Corporation | Just Labeled | LEED Proven Provider | AIA Pennsylvania EPiC Firm


Bring your values to work.

We never want our work to be “just business” so we look for positive impact through our actions, projects, spending, relationships, and decisions large and small. Re:Vision is a certified B-Corporation and maintains a Just transparency label.

Beauty matters.

Loved places are cared for and sustained over time. To be truly sustainable, our built environments should matter deeply to those who inhabit them.

Collaboration over competition.

Collaboration is the future of innovation and large-scale impact. It takes a leap of faith to share what may be competitive advantages, but strengthening and amplifying the work of others is key to lifting an entire community.

Critical inquiry.

We are constantly evaluating the impacts of myriad options: “Heavy timbers or recycled steel? Rainwater harvesting or public water?” There are rarely fixed answers to sustainability questions so we value critical inquiry into the specifics of every situation.

Come with solutions.

Problem solving is central to our work and we challenge ourselves to explore and bring forward multiple solutions to every problem.

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