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Client References

Our strongest qualifications come from our relationships and client experiences with Re:Vision.


“With enthusiasm and focus, Re:Vision researched new approaches, concepts and technologies that they combined with their broad experience, strong technical competency, and common sense. The resulting building expresses the values of our company, fascinates our visitors, exceeds expected performance, and provides outstanding working conditions for our employees.”

–Pierre Noack, Former President Aerzen USA

“Re:Vision is responsive, approachable, GREAT listeners, brilliant but not smug about it, understanding about what it is to be in your shoes with Board, budget, mission, and other concerns.”

–Jennifer Karsten, Executive Director (former) | Pendle Hill

“ReVision is the architecture firm a non-profit organization like ours dreams to work with. They integrate sustainability, operational cost, and building comfort in all of their design work and have helped us repurpose two historic mill structures in a historic district - one of which is LEED platinum.”

–Alan Hunt, Executive Director, Musconetcong Watershed Association

“We wanted a firm that was a leader in sustainable design and would challenge us beyond our comfort zone. Since the project has been complete, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from employees and visitors alike, and the space has become a great marketing tool.”

–Olivia Freeland, Project Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas

“Re:Vision Architecture designed a house for us that satisfied our every request. Our top requirement was to build a “passive house” or the closest we could afford. After one year in our home, we have realized a 75% to 80% reduction in energy usage and costs compared to our old home.”

–Donna Allen, Homeowner

“Re:Vision designed a gorgeous, sustainable, and productive space for Horizon House to provides wrap-around services to individuals with behavioral health needs, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and homelessness. Re:Vision was all-in from start to finish and the firm’s principals were amazing leaders in keeping all parties focused.”

–Catherine Panas, Director of Construction Services, Mission First

“I cannot say enough good things about the Re:Vision team! They are professional, kind, accurate and very knowledgeable. Re:Vision cares about the future of us all and I would hire them in a heartbeat every single time!”

–Matt Simberg, Founder, Montessori Seeds of Education


“Re:Vision always analyzes alternatives and gives great guidance. When I think of Re:Vision, I think of: clear thinking, straight talk, reliable answers. They are leading teams, not just pushing the papers.”

–Steve Williamson, Project Executive & Director of Program Management, Constructure Management, Inc.

“The LEED process is complicated and can be very frustrating for people like me who don’t “live LEED” on a daily basis. We’d be dead in the water on this one without the thorough knowledge and tenacious support you’ve been providing. You’re making a very convincing case for why we should involve Re:Vision on future projects.”

–Philadelphia Architect at a Top Firm

“Re:Vision is extremely knowledgeable about sustainability so we were very fortunate that we had them on our project. More importantly, they helped our team balance practical practices with our vision, and they were very pleasant to work with. My advice to others would be to bring them in as early as you can.”

–Peter Kjellerup, Co-Founder, COEE, Dansko

“Re:Vision Architecture was instrumental in assisting our Facilities team achieve a LEED EB Platinum-level certification for our Headquarters Building. ReVision’s professionalism, knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm during both applications was exceptional.”

–Jim Baker, Director of Facilities Management for Armstrong World Industries

“I value Re:Vision’s passion for what they do: understanding, coaching, and most importantly, patience / empathy with the client. Re:Vision is a great company made up of GREAT employees who are passionate, knowledgeable and empowered to serve the client.”

–Nick Romani, Facilities Manager for De Lage Landen

“You compiled and edited so much information that it is the best reading text on energy efficient food market design that I have ever read.”

–Roy Rosenbaum, Principal of RDG Design Group, Grocery Store Design Specialist


“I am very excited and happy over the outcome of the charrette...you folks got us where we needed to go. THANK YOU for being so responsive to me, the staff, board, and our stakeholders! I’ve been getting calls this morning from excited charrette participants. One person shared that as she was watching the design team doing their magic she was in awe and asking – “who are these people, and how did we get so lucky to have them here?”

–Tracy Bowen, Executive Director, Alice Ferguson Foundation

“Re:Vision recently organized and managed a community design charrette for us where the participants were passionate and the issues were potentially contentious. They showed a deep understanding and appreciation for sustainable design, and were wise enough to know that there is not one path to a sustainable future. In our meeting, we had a skilled and perceptive navigator, showing respect for all points of view, who also kept her eye on our goals and purposes. Everyone left energized and hopeful.”

– Jamie Wyper, President of Roxborough Conservancy and Principal of Jacobswyper Architects

“I just wanted to thank you for an awesome day. You did an amazing job of leading and directing the team toward conceptual goals and exhibit ideas. I loved watching you in action.”

–JM, Interactive Exhibit Designer

“Your warm, professional persona went a long way toward creating a safe environment to make suggestions. The end result helps us move the conversation forward, and we are forever grateful to you for investing in our process.”

–Hayden James, First Baptist Church Facilities Committee Chair

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