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“I’ve worked with nearly a dozen firms over the years and these folks are exceptional. They prevailed in our very thorough search for a Master Planning team years ago, then led us through a year-long building design project last year, and they’ve made themselves available to us for small projects (remodeling of various buildings) in between (often with less notice than would be ideal…). They always answer the phone, always act like a combination of thought-partner/expert/friend, and always deliver on-time, on-budget work that hits the aesthetic mark.”

Jennifer Karsten, Executive Director, Pendle Hill

“We selected Re:Vision because we felt that they were listening, taking our thoughts and suggestions seriously, addressing all our concerns with earnestness and giving us honest advise. Re:Vision’s work has met all our expectations, and more. With enthusiasm and focus, they researched new approaches, concepts and technologies that they combined with their broad experience, strong technical competency and common sense. The result can be seen and experienced in our new building: it expresses the values of our company, fascinates our visitors, exceeds expected performance, and provides outstanding working conditions for our employees. I could not recommend a better architectural firm than Re:Vision.”

– Pierre Noack, President, Aerzen USA

“We continually get people that come in to visit us raving about the space.”

– Mark Mahovich, Vice President, Professional Services & Information Systems, Synergis Technologies, LLC.

“Re:Vision has been the perfect fit for our team. Not only are they one of the best architectural and LEED consultants in the area, but their team has been incredible to work with: smart, patient, and focused on our goals and vision. They’ve helped push our project through each stage of development and guided us through the entire process.”

– Mike Cangi, Vice President, United by Blue

“Drew from Re:Vision Architecture was a pleasure to work with on our roof deck project. He understood the look and functionality we were aiming for and he gave us a design that exceeded the mark, while keeping it within budget. This was no cookie-cutter project – it is a multilevel deck with 3 types of custom designed railings, a water feature, and an overhead trellis structure. It captures the city views while providing the privacy and shade we were looking for. Drew was creative in working with us to design a truly custom look, and was always available to address any issues that arose during construction. We are very pleased. Thanks Drew!”

Deb and Rob, Owners, Philadelphia Residence

“My husband and I hired Re: Vision Architecture to design a green home for us. We are in our 60’s and wanted to create a space that both reflected our current desires and potential needs in the future. Our architect, Mike Cronomiz, designed a home that truly speaks to our hearts. It has both beauty and grace. We give Re: Vision our highest praise for their service, creativity and understanding.”

The Klavans, Owners, Main Line Residence

 “From the first time I spoke with Jenn some seven years prior to this note, I knew that Re:Vision would be the perfect design partners for Bancroft Green’s development projects.  They have been genuine stewards for sustainability and we always know that Re:Vision is going above and beyond in providing valuable insights into building performance. In addition, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many members of the Re:Vision family.  The friendly and laid back attitude of the entire firm is a delight to be around.”

Scott Seibert, Partner, Bancroft Green

“Re:Vision was the architect for our Philadelphia corporate office. In addition they played the role of LEED/Sustainability Consultant. Long story short, they did a superb job taking our project from inception, starting with basic programming and inspiration, to completion, ending with a LEED CI Platinum space.

I would point out two aspects of their delivery that stood out:

  1. Programming/planning: In my opinion one of the most effective aspects of their approach was their design charrette format which was very interactive and highly productive. While these meetings can be very time consuming, they kept them on pace and made sure not to impose any predetermined outcomes. I’ve been part of several other design charrette processes and theirs was superior, in terms of efficiency and outcome. Perhaps most importantly, they never lost track of our prime directives.
  2. Construction phase: The project was under a very tight schedule, tough budget constraints and we were determined to achieve LEED Platinum, which was in no way secured. Re:Vision’s approach through this phase was one of collaboration, changing directions quickly when needed, and really staying focused on what mattered.

They worked closely with Jones Lang LaSalle Construction Company who was the General Contractor, to overcome a couple of tough base building conditions that were threatening to knock us out of Platinum contention. May not sound like a big deal but they did a great job reacting without overly impacting the time/money piece.

In summary it was a great experience working with Re:Vision. I’m sure we could have found a lower priced option but as I’m sure you know it’s more about the value than the price in most cases. They brought the value, at a high level.”

Jim Adams, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

“I hired Re:Vision to design our house in Chester County, PA. We wanted a house that would reflect the historic farm architecture of Chester County but was progressive in terms of energy conservation, design and materials. Re:Vision worked closely with us from site location, concept development, design and materials details. The result is a fabulous and very livable house my wife and I, our two boys and two dogs!

Our house would have garnered a LEED Platinum rating if we were willing to part with the fee for certification – better spent on the house! I really like how a variety of natural materials, wood, metal and stone, were combined into a farmhouse design that marries beautifully into the site – selected for optimal solar exposure. We have a polished concrete floor, exposed stone walls, reclaimed wood, iron staircase and column mounts and lots of warm wood, cedar and cyprus.

Re:Vision also did a great job in helping us devise a bidding process that yielded a great builder (Boss Enterprises) and competitive price! ”

Pete Nagy, Owner, Chester County Residence

“We worked with Re:Vision in 2008 on a renovation of my mid-century modern home. After interviewing several candidates the choice of Scott and Jenn was obvious and we were never disappointed. Their approachability, creativity, understanding of our views were unparalleled and they designed a more beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly house that is overall our favorite to live in!”

Sophia Hayes, Owner, Wayne Residence

“Our small organization was going through what felt like a monumental expansion and with the expertise and creativity of Re:Vision we were able to actualize our dream of a beautiful new storefront. Re:Vision helped us transform a neglected 1920s bank into a sustainably designed, energy efficient, community grocery store. With Re:Vision we were able to incorporate our desire to preserve and reuse as much of the original building as possible while also using modern technology to reduce our energy consumption.”

Bull (Eric) Gervasi, Produce & Facilities Manager, Mariposa Food Co-op

“It takes a lot more thought to design with the sun. While our home design itself isn’t complex, it’s smart—and we owe it all to the experts, our architects. Their knowledge of local climate, solar geometry and window technology, among other things, was mind-blowing. We learned so much just by talking with them. And I’m sure their wisdom stretches far beyond our conversations. We are forever thankful for their imparted knowledge and advice.”

The Klines, Owner, Green Home White Mountains

“When we were selecting a team, we knew we wanted a firm that was a leader in sustainable design but we also wanted someone who would challenge us and push us out of our comfort zone.  Since the project has been complete, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from employees and visitors alike.  The Philadelphia office embodies what Jones Lang LaSalle stands for as a company, and it’s a workspace we can be proud of.  Everyone loves the culture of collaboration we’re fostering with our new space, especially our clients, and it’s become a great marketing tool.”

Olivia Freeland, Project Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

“The Re:Vision team had willingness to embrace the vision for the project and the commitment to see it to a successful completion.  Re:Vision was the right choice for our project!”

Matthew Weko, Senior VP, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

“The passion and experience of Re:Vision was the deciding factor in choosing them for our Urban Forest Center, and it proved to be a good choice. Also a plus is that the team is likable and pleasant to work with!”

Dan Good, Lancaster County Conservancy Board and Building Committee Member

“I highly recommended Re:Vision for their services as green architects. We wanted our new facilities to support our stewardship for the environment. Re:Vision held charrettes (workshops) of stakeholders at each camp to get our ideas and to keep our ideas within budget from the start. This approach was novel and very successful as it established an excellent working relationship with our team. The resultant project, an award-winning LEED Platinum Science and Technology Lodge, is a credit to Re:Vision for their creative ideas, dedication, perseverance, and enthusiasm for the project.”

Anne Hogan , Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Council Chief Executive Officer

“Our primary goal for the solar renovation was that the structure itself would be used as a teaching tool. The design elements had to be plainly visible to visitors for demonstration purposes. Our renovations needed to not only be a fully functional display of several types of alternative energy and conservation principles but to also be aesthetically pleasing to the general public. The Friends feel all of these goals have been met. Re:Vision helped to secure grants for us from the Sustainable Development Funds (SDF) and the Community Design Collaborative (CDC). They also made the extra effort to accommodate and work with the many different parties that became involved with this project. We have been very pleased with the professionalism and creativity of Re:Vision Architecture.”

Cindy Long, former Board Chair, Peace Valley Nature Center

“We continue to get all kinds of compliments on “The Gathering Place” – so that is a feather in your caps!!  It is a fantastic building and should see us well into the next century. If we should ever build another house, I want Re:Vision as the architect and Boss as the builder.”

– Michael Richards, Camden Friends Meeting

 “The Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) of 48 is very impressive considering a standard Code Built home usually scores 100. I wish my home performed this well!”

–  Brian Stanfill, Operations Manager at MaGrann Associates, Energy Engineering & Green Building Consulting Firm

“ReVision is my “go-to” architecture firm—both personally (for my home) and professionally (as a developer). With our sustainable values aligned, it’s easy and pleasurable to work out an innovative and practical design solutions together.”

Jackie O’Neil, Aye Partners



“The LEED process is complicated and can be very frustrating for people like me who don’t “live LEED” on a daily basis. And, despite good intentions, a lot of things end up slipping through the cracks along the path from conceptual design through to construction. We’d be dead in the water on this one without the thorough knowledge and tenacious support you’ve been providing. You’re making a very convincing case for why we should involve Re:Vision throughout the entire process on future projects.”

Philadelphia Architect at a Top Firm

“Re:Vision is extremely  knowledgeable about  LEED and the USGBC so  we were very fortunate that we had access to their services. More  importantly they helped our team balance  practical  practices with our vision, and they were very pleasant to work with. My advice to others would be to bring them in as early as you can.”

Peter Kjellerup, Co-Founder, COEE, Dansko

“Re:Vision Architecture was instrumental in assisting our Facilities team during our initial LEED EB application for our Headquarters Building in 2006 where we achieved a Platinum rating.  We eagerly reached out to Re:Vision a second time late in 2013 as we initiated our LEED EBOM recertification of our Platinum rated facility.  ReVision’s professionalism, knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm during both applications was exceptional.  As our Facilities team continues to improve our sustainability efforts throughout our Main Campus, I’m certain we will be reaching out to ReVision in the near future.  Great Job!”

Jim Baker, Director of Facilities Management for Armstrong World Industries

“Thank you very much for your assistance with the High School project.  As an engineer, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have an informed team of advisors on our side.”

Jeff Machik, H.V.A.C. Department Head, Snyder Hoffman Associates, Inc.

“I hired Re:Vision to be a consultant for a 60,000 sf LEED Fitness Center project.  We found their services extremely beneficial.   The knowledge they possess of the LEED process is greater than anyone we have encountered.  We would strongly recommend them to anyone planning, designing or in the construction phase of a project. They will make sure credits are exceeded, not just met.”

Dean Johnson, Vice President, Richard Y Johnson & Son, Inc.  General Contractors & Construction Managers

“Re:Vision always analyzes alternatives and gives great guidance.  When I think of Re:Vision, I think of:  clear thinking, straight talk, reliable answers.  They are leading teams, not just pushing the papers.   Other consultants could take lessons on how to listen to their client needs and budget/schedule.  Re:Vision’s team model and open communications is excellent.”

Steve Williamson, Project Executive & Director of Program Management, Constructure Management, Inc.

“I value Re:Vision’s passion for what they do, understanding, coaching, and most important, patience / empathy with the client.  Re:Vision is a great company made up of GREAT employees who are passionate, knowledgeable and empowered to serve the client.  I would certainly use Re:Vision again and refer them to other facility professionals undertaking LEED certification.”

Nick Romani, Facilities Manager for De Lage Landen

“Working with Re:Vision has been a pure joy.  They are extremely knowledgeable and are very responsive to any request that I have.  I feel we were very lucky to have them lead our project.”

Sally Kimmich, Administration, De Lage Landen

“Re:Vision became part of our Brandywine Senior Living team right away and established our LEED Action Plan.  I would use Re:Vision again in a heartbeat!”

– James Buckley, Vice President, AIMCO



“Re:Vision was an integral extension of Penn’s facilities staff—developing and implementing a now deeply embedded program for engaging staff and faculty around sustainability issues. Engagement of Penn’s staff and faculty is a key component of Penn’s ambitious Climate Action Plan and we are well on our way because of Re:Vision’s outstanding leadership and support.”

Dan Garofalo, UPenn Environmental Sustainability Director

“Jennifer recently organized and managed a community design charrette for us where the participants were passionate and the issues were potentially contentious. She has a deep understanding and appreciation for sustainable design, and she is wise enough to know that there is not one path to a sustainable future. In our meeting she was a skilled and perceptive navigator, showing respect for all points of view, and she kept her eye on our goals and purposes. Everyone left energized and hopeful.”

Jamie Wyper, President of Roxborough Conservancy and Principal of Jacobswyper Architects

“Who else but Re:Vision could I have possibly recommended for the charrette?  I know from experience that you are simply the best!”

– Rob Diemer, Principal, InPosse

“I am very excited and happy over the outcome of the charrette. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for being so responsive to me, the staff, board and our stakeholders! I’ve been getting calls this morning from excited charrette participants.  One person shared that she has been staying awake at night thinking, thinking, thinking– from all the stimulation of the charrette. She shared that as she was watching the design team doing their magic she was in awe and  asking – “who are these people, and how did we get so lucky to have them here?” She expressed that she has new faith in the world that there are such passionate and committed architects and design professionals in the country!”

Tracy Bowen, former Executive Director, Alice Ferguson Foundation

“I just wanted to thank you for an awesome day.  You did an amazing job of leading and directing the team toward conceptual goals and exhibit ideas.  I loved watching you in action.”

JM, Interactive Exhibit Designer



“A very in-depth review of material toxicity by a knowledgable pair of architects. Their [Chris Lee and Scott Kelly] honestly about the complexities of tracking chemicals is refreshing. The team asks participants to interact through other websites and work with them to investigate component parts of MSDS’ (as a specific example) which shows how complex this subject really is. This clever additional piece of the presentation, although obviously based on an instructional webinar, gives a bit of real life examples to what could have easily been a slide by slide overload of chemical or toxicity information. There are opportunities to download ‘free’ data and support materials direct from their own website, which will go a long way to help all of us to ‘move the marketplace’ The presenters have given the student viewing this presentation a hard lesson in how much we all know about this complex subject but also, how little.”

Barry Giles, Founder & CEO, BuildingWise, LLC

 “This is a great course [Deep Material Vetting for USGBC] for anyone looking for a primer on how to go about reviewing and selecting products based on their material ingredients. The research steps are very thorough and provide practical tips on how to manage the potentially overwhelming amount of information on a given product. The presenters also provided useful lessons learned to help the audience understand how to avoid common pitfalls, particularly with regard to project team management of product research/compliance. One particular resource I found very beneficial was the comparison table showing the differences between MSDS, SDS, C2C, HPDs, and Declare; this was the first time I’ve seen a simplified presentation of all of those different tools. I would recommend anyone involved in the building design community.”

Christina Macken, Director of Programs, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

 “I was fortunate to have attended your presentation at Greenbuild last year and was extremely impressed – your presentation really hit home how intertwined the building envelope and HVAC systems are.  It truly was one of the most interesting I have seen since I started attending Greenbuild.”

Ellen Honigstock RA, LEED AP, Director of Education Development for the Urban Green Council, NYC

“You compiled and edited so much information that it is the best reading text on energy efficient food market design that I have ever read.”

Roy Rosenbaum, Principal of RDG Design Group, Grocery Store Design Specialist

“Believe it or not, [the Building Green report] all started with you.  Yep, you held the focus groups together, and cajoled others when needed.  We see a lot of your work and your enthusiasm in the report.  One more time – THANK YOU !!!”

Spencer Finch, PE, LEED AP, in his role as Director of Sustainable Development for Pennsylvania Environmental Council

“I just wanted to thank you for a very informative and delightful “Cram for the Exam” program. Your presentation was not only nicely organized and intelligent but you delivered it such a charming and friendly manner.”

Dick Linderman, AIA

“Your ‘LEED AP, Easy as 1, 2, 3’ classes are outstanding, and I’m always hearing great things from our staff….Michelle and Scott are wonderful!”

Carol C. Martsolf, PE, LEED AP, Manager of Training for Urban Engineers