Takeout Close to Our Hearts

As all of our coping mechanisms are stress-tested during the pandemic, one thing we can all agree on in our office is that food is a wonderful salve for the stomach and soul. As we work from home, here are some of our top choices for takeout to support local businesses. Be sure to check… More

Join Mies van der Lego on Our Architecture Team

Re:Vision is reviewing resumes for a motivated architectural professional to provide reliable design and technical support throughout all phases of design and construction for green projects of various types and scales (commercial, residential, institutional; new + renovation).  Targeted experience level is 3-5+ years. Re:Vision values diversity, equity, and inclusion as underpinnings of a more sustainable… More

Why LEED for Schools: It’s all about the Benjamins (and all of your other students!)

We’re occasionally asked about the value of formally pursuing LEED Certification.  Why not just ‘design to LEED standards’ and not worry about the formalities and cost?  The most important reason is that formal Certification necessitates on-going attention to sustainability that results in better performing projects. Re:Vision has been named to the top 20 firms globally… More

Tread Lightly on the Grid

Every year, the DOE releases information about where electricity gets used in the US.  And for 2017, there’s very good news: we don’t need fossil fuel on the grid! Ok, well, yes, technically we do still need them on the grid. But let’s look at the numbers to explain.  The big energy source players: Coal:… More

Working on Spec

This painfully funny video about doing creative work on spec (e.g. for free or reduced cost) is all too real for most architects/creatives and it gives me flashbacks to some jaw-dropping requests we’ve had over the years. One component that is particularly important to our firm and not typically considered as part of the spec-work… More

The Wrong Way to Get to Net Zero

Because our office is LEED EBOM Platinum certified (and because we’re just nerdy that way), we track our energy bills pretty closely. Our Portfolio Manager account is stocked with month-by-month reports of how much energy our solar panels produce and how much energy we had to pull from the grid. On a generous day, one… More


We are often asked if Re:Vision is a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise. Here is what we are and are not, and what solutions we offer to clients who have diversity goals or commitments.   What We Are: We are 50% woman-owned. We are 50% woman-staffed. We are 100% equal pay for men and women in… More

Learning from Early Adopters of LEED v4

LEED v4 was officially launched in fall of 2013 with a plan for all new projects to register under the new version by summer of 2015. But given increased rigor and multiple updates, the USGBC granted an extension until October 2016 to allow time for LEED users and members of the green building industry additional… More

Skeletons in the Closet

We all have a few and some of them are actually fun to share.  I was proud to see my name connected with the 10th anniversary of the Ravenel Bridge which is both a beautiful bridge and one that is heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists thanks to the work of cycling advocates.  During the… More

Get involved with the 2016 Community Project

Combining our green architecture and sustainability expertise with community involvement just got a whole lot easier. Re:Vision’s Kristie Kozenewski, a DVGBC Ambassador, is seeking volunteers to join her and DVGBC in creating the 2016 Community Project. Both short and long term opportunities are available that range from recruiting and selecting the project to ultimately putting a… More