Aaron Weber | Architectural Coordinator


Aaron is a multi-faceted designer who started his career in the AEC industry as a carpenter and has since worked as a woodworker, cabinet maker, and fabricator. Having grown up around George Nakashima’s studio and workshop, he adopted a detail driven design mentality that respects both the nature of humans and natural materials.


Graduated magna cum laude at the University of Michigan


B.S. Arch - Georgia Tech M. Arch - University of Michigan

Community Involvement

Volunteer at Arm in Arm in Trenton Team Leader at New York Cares

Fun Facts

Turntable or Spotify?

Turntable at home, Spotify for portability, Bandcamp for when I want to support an artist. I enjoy making playlists but can be found more frequently listening to live music at John and Peters in New Hope. I am a bit nostalgic for vinyl, it creates an album experience. I especially enjoy the history of plunderphonics. J Dilla saved my life.

Three things in your fridge

Pickles, Olives, Brie (the cheese)


Lambertville NJ, home of Shadfest

Design Inspiration

George Nakashima, urban palimpsest, nature
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