Derek Sibinga | Architectural Designer


As a two-time winner of NREL’s Net Zero Energy competition, Derek has developed an architectural perspective that is rooted in resilience, comfort, and the science of construction.  Derek’s professional experience consists of residential design-build where he worked closely with building trades to materialize design concepts while offering a perspective on accessibility and long-term reuse.   Derek enjoys finding treasure in trash.


1st & 2nd International Solar Decathlon


B.Arch | Philadelphia University + Jefferson East Falls

Community Involvement

Derek likes to spend his time outside, often spending mornings with neighbors planting small gardens via the PHS and North Philly Peace Park.

Fun Facts

Design Inspirations

Rural Studio, Upcycling, Adaptive Reuse

Three things in your fridge

Ta Patio, Meatball Sub, Unused produce that I don’t have a plan for yet

Career Advice

"Take what you hear seriously, not personally.”

Sustainability Must

Happiness, humility, and aligning mutual goals (yes that is sustainability)

Hidden Talents

Ping pong, DIY craftsman, Giving dogs the attention they deserve

Special Place

Delaware County Institute of Science (Media, PA) & Weaver’s Way Co-op in Mt. Airy

Why you do this work?

A passion for the artful realization of natural sciences with a dash of existential dread.

Favorite Books

“Guards! Guards!” By Terry Prachett
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