Julie Jackson | Architectural Designer



Julie brings experience designing bespoke, custom retail, café, and office environments across the country for URBN, including Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Terrain.  Within Re:Vision, Julie provides a detailed focus on interior architecture and project planning.


BA, Architecture | University of Pennsylvania

Community Involvement

I work with a wonderful organization called Legacy of Hope that aims to support struggling Philadelphians through cancer treatment and recovery. They make sure people who are fighting for their lives aren’t concerned about paying their rent or feeding their children. They do amazing work! In my mind, sustainability isn’t just about architecture but also has deep roots in the health and safety of our communities.

Fun Facts


Philadelphia, PA

Design Inspirations

Architecture: Peter Zumthor, Will Winkelman; Interiors: Heidi Callier, Nicole Cole

Music Genre

Anything from the 70s

Career Advice

Ask a lot of questions!

Hidden Talents

I’m also a yoga teacher!

Special Place

Portland, ME

Why you do this work?

To preserve and enhance this planet and the built environment for the next generation. AND I truly love and am fascinated by design and construction. It checks all the boxes 😊

Favorite Books

The Four Agreements
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