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Decarbonization Debunked

As we attempt to slow and reverse global climate change, we are pushing hard as a society on decarbonization strategies to prevent excess carbon from…

Philly’s Living Future – Let’s Do More Good

As part of 2021’s Design Philadelpha, Drew and Kristen provided their insights in a pecha kucha format in response to the prompt, “What’s next for…

Let’s Talk Trash – Construction Waste in a Post-Recycling Era

News surrounding recycling in the US has increased public demand for transparency from an industry that has, for too long, remained hidden behind a trusted…

Full Carbon Equation

An Architect’s View on Embodied Carbon

Presented as part of Green Building United’s 2019 Materials Summit, this presentation looks at embodied carbon through the lens of the architect practitioner.  Utilizing Re:Vision…

NZE for Small Office Buildings

Net-Zero Energy For Small Office Buildings

Although nearly 1/3 of US commercial office space is in buildings smaller than 25,000 square feet, net-zero energy(NZE) dialogue and research on small office buildings…

Passive House Verification – What to Expect When You’re Expecting

This presentation focuses on the technical requirements of PHIUS verification for both single family and multifamily dwellings.  While some requirements, such as blower door testing,…

Thinking in Assemblies: Making Better Material Choices

Assemblies like the wall section are fundamental to how we construct our buildings. Selecting materials has most commonly been driven by performance, cost and aesthetics….

Spaghetti Carbon Era: Operational & Embodied Carbon

Passive House is fundamentally a tool for combating global climate change by reducing carbon emissions; however, as a system, Passive House focuses on reducing operational…

Cost, Influence, and the Triple Bottom LIne

This presentation focuses on a simple diagrammatic concept which has become ubiquitous in both academia and the design and building industry – the MacLeamy Curve…

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