Living Building Challenge Demonstration Project

50 Organizations | 100 Volunteers | 3000 Hours

May 7, 2018

The Story of the LBC Philadelphia Collaborative Demonstration Project

Green Building United Sustainability Symposium, May 2018

When the Philadelphia Living Building Challenge Collaborative (now the Green Building United Living Building Challenge Community) was formed in 2014, they asked, “what do we really want to do as a volunteer organization?”  Driven by their goals to teach and learn as well as impact the community, they chose to realize an ambitious (an initially not totally cooked) idea of demonstrating that Living Building Challenge projects are achievable here in the region.  This began as a feasibility study and conceptual building and site design for two buildings for Pendle Hill, a local Quaker retreat campus with global reach.


Following the resounding success of the inaugural Demonstration Project, the Living Building Challenge Community has embarked on a second project in collaboration with Green Building United’s Passive House Community.  Attendees will hear from past and current Demonstration Project leaders about the genesis, process, and results of these 100% volunteer-driven efforts.


Nina Dudas – Holistic Habitat Design
Wolfram Arendt – LAYER Architecture
Drew Laving – Re:Vision Architecture
Jen Karsten – Pendle Hill