Deep Material Vetting (That Won’t Chew Through Your Design Budget)

February 19, 2015

BuildingGreen Webcast

Learning Objectives: (1) Develop team-wide, client-responsive goals for material vetting that aim to mitigate occupant exposure and environmental toxicity. (2) Foster strong, long-term partnerships with manufacturers to streamline disclosure requests and follow-up calls. (3) Quick-scan disclosure tools such as HPDs, Declare labels, and MSDSes so you can get the toxicity data you need instantly from each format. (4) Document, track, and share material vetting data efficiently and effectively so that designers and contractors stay on the same page throughout design and construction.


Paula Melton, LEED AP BD+C – BuildingGreen
Scott Kelly, AIA, LEED Fellow, LFA – Re:Vision Architecture
Chris Lee, LEED AP BD+C – Former Staff, Re:Vision Architecture