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Mixed-Use + Multifamily

We hear it all the time, that we have a housing crisis due to not having enough places for people to live.  We also know that one of the keys to sustainable development is density in our urban areas (and suburban too).  Mixed-Use + Multifamily projects are key to solving these challenges.

The bigger challenge, though, is how to make these projects good places to live when the market tends to drive a race to the bottom in an unending quest for maximizing profit first.  Pro-formas are not going away, but neither is quality of life. So we need to do both. Easy, right?  The path to achieving this is starting with clear goals and constraints and working with, not against the market. Optimized solutions for cost management, space quality, and sustainability are not mutually exclusive – working collaboratively between the owner, design, and construction teams can yield the unlocking of stacked benefits for project stakeholders.

Featured Mixed-Use + Multifamily 

Great Oaks – Building 150

Net-zero energy multi-family Passive House

360 West Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Airy mixed-use development on a bustling corner brownfield site.

520 Carpenter Lane

Modular development on a constrained site in northwest Philadelphia.

Bancroft Green

Full-block LEED development in Philadelphia’s Graduate Hospital neighborhood

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