2019 | Yardley, PA

As newspaper publishers, the Allens have a deadline-driven schedule and were looking for a low-maintenance, low-carbon place of respite. Coming from a large but dark 1970s suburban home for their blended family, they craved light, openness, and connection to nature.

Perched on a wooded north-facing slope overlooking a canal, the site required a design that could balance competing interests for Northern views with ample Southern exposure for light and warmth. The lower south-facing roof plans for photovoltaic panels, which, when installed, will supply most, if not all of the home’s annual energy needs.

With a modest custom-home budget, the design team optimized the architecture for minimal waste and used off-the-shelf products and technologies in creative ways to achieve targets for Passive House air tightness. Collaboration with the builder was also key to executing the design intent and technical detailing on budget.

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