Chester County Residence

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Sustainable modern farmhouse

Three big ideas:

Natural Materials

Located in horse country on a sloping family farm, the Nagy residence is a modern farmhouse for a modern family. Like historic farmhouses, the Nagy home is sited and organized to optimize passive heating and cooling. But, unlike farmhouses which did not have the benefit of high-performance glass and insulation, the Nagy home is flooded with daylight. A central floating stairwell divides the open, family-oriented spaces from the more private offices and bedrooms. Natural materials, including reclaimed barn stone and salvaged cedar siding, provide warmth to the home while clean detailing gives them a more modern aesthetic. Systems include a combination of radiant flooring, geo-thermal, and solar panels.

Fast Facts

Salvaged barn materials including stone foundation walls and cedar siding

Radiant floor heating/cooling integrated with passive solar design

Designed for “age-in-place”

Special Recognition Award for Design, Pennsylvania Council Society of American Registered Architects

Design Award of Honor, National Society of American Registered Architects

“We hired Re:Vision to design our house to reflect the historic farm architecture of Chester County while being progressive in terms of energy conservation, design and materials. Re:Vision worked closely with us from site location, concept development, design, and materials details. The result is a fabulous and very livable house for my wife and I, our two boys and two dogs! ”

– Owner, Chester County Residence

Project Gallery

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