2009 | Philadelphia, PA

Prior to the renovation, a local architectural writer had written about this home’s kitchen as “one of the worst” she’d seen. Maybe it was the wall that blocked the refrigerator from opening or lack of daylight that really doomed the space. After a major overhaul, Philadelphia Magazine called the new space “an eco-modern kitchen you will covet.”  This was a major renovation, including relocation of stairs / walls and creating an entirely new connection to the outdoors.  Inspired by Swedish test kitchens that analyzed how to achieve optimal ergonomics in the smallest of spaces, the layout puts all of a cook’s needs within reach while accommodating ever-present toddlers underfoot.  Special details include:

  • a pantry/appliance garage hidden by dramatic sliding doors with slate insets that were recycled from classroom chalkboards
  • a Runtal radiator on the backside of the kitchen island provides warmth where you sit
  • shoe storage built into the steps