2009-2012 | Chapel Hill, NC

Failure was not an option for this 10-acre mixed-use development whose increased-density land development permit was contingent upon a minimum LEED-Neighborhood Development Silver certification.  In the end, the entire development was certified LEED-ND Phase 2 at the Gold level, including five LEED certified buildings.  The former brownfield site was redeveloped to contain six mixed-use buildings which enclose a European style plaza that can be cordoned off to allow more or less vehicular traffic.  To compensate for 16x more density than existing conditions, low-impact development strategies were used throughout, including underground cisterns for stormwater management, a mix of structured and underground parking, and increased pedestrian accessibility.

Architect: Dishner Moore Architects LLP
Landscape Architect: Scott T. Murray, Inc., Boydton, VA
Sustainability Consultant:  Re:Vision Architecture
Development Consultant: Planned Community Development, Inc.