2013 | Philadelphia, PA

The developer of this Passive House was influenced by his previous work on the “$100k house” and wanted to push the intersection of better design / lower cost even further.  Working closely with the builder, we designed around typical dimensions for key elements such as framing, concrete forms and cladding to reduce cost and waste while improving quality through cleaner joints.  The devil really is in the details, such as a hard-working entry console that incorporates a bench / shoe storage on one side, A/V display on the other, and a building information display of energy monitoring on a third.  In a neighborhood dealing with rapid change, we were heartened by the neighbors’ positive response to “warmer modernism.”  A super insulated envelope, ducted mini-splits and solar array make the home net-zero energy for core operations (without plug loads).  In the end, an architect purchased the home from our client which we think is a nice complement.