Chestnut Hill Family Residence

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sustainable new home to connect children to grandparents through a woodland edge

Three big ideas:

Family Connection,
Daylight + Views,
Passive-ish Design

This family home is all about connections – to nature, to grandparents, to neighborhood. A few years after moving into a large stone Chestnut Hill house an opportunity presented itself that could not be missed – the owner’s parents ended up purchasing a nearby property on an extra large lot which was ripe for subdivision. The new house is everything their old Chestnut Hill manse was not – right sized, energy efficient, nature connected, and, for their young daughter, just steps away from grandparents through a lush landscape.  The house is clad in vertical charred wood planks in homage to the surrounding forest. Below that refined surface is a thick jacket of insulation that, when combined with high performance fiberglass windows and energy efficient heat pumps, pushes this home close to Passive House territory.

Project Gallery

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