2018 | Washington, DC

The National Museum of the American Indian’s new Americans exhibition is striking in both its presentation and its sustainability. Re:Vision acted as the LEED Consultant to Studio Joseph on this 9200 sq.ft. LEED 2009 Commercial Interiors Project, which is targeting a Silver certification level. While the museum itself has previously been EB:O+M certified, certifying this new exhibition space was an important design consideration for the entire team.

Like many of our projects, Re:Vision focused on integrating sustainability in a way that complements the needs of the space. In this particular case, visitor experience is paramount. Lighting plays a major role, and it also represented a major energy efficiency success. Lighting power has been reduced by 54% while illuminating a “spectacularly installed” exhibition. Also important is increased ventilation, ensuring that visitors can be fully cognizant of the show’s “disarming sweetness and its bracing challenge.”

Read the full New Yorker review (which supplied the above quotes) here. And learn more about the exhibition and how to visit at the Museum’s website.