Northern Liberties Passive House

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cost-efficient + energy-efficient urban Passive House

Three big ideas:

Passive Design,
Urban Corner,

This home was a custom design for a real estate investor interested in improving the energy efficiency, design response, and construction quality of new builds in Northern Liberties.  True to its Passive House roots, the tight enclosure features strategically-placed triple pane windows and exterior insulation.  Investing in an improved enclosure yielded both energy benefits and a snowfall-like interior quiet, despite the bustling corner location.  Natural light and outdoor connections were priorities that were creatively achieved without sacrificing privacy from surrounding properties.   

Fast Facts

Rooftop photovoltaic array

100% fresh air energy recovery ventilation system

Hybrid heat-pump hot water heater

Double framed exterior walls and increased roof continuous insulation

High-performance triple pane windows

Reclaimed materials used for doors, staircase, counters, and exterior fencing

Passive House Designed

Passive House Systems Design

Effective systems for Passive Houses are built on the pillars of energy efficiency and balanced ventilation.  In the Northern Liberties Passive House this is achieved through 4 primary components:

  • Energy Recovery Ventilation – 100% fresh air is heat exchanged with expelled stale air creating healthy and efficient interior air quality
  • Heat-Pump heating and cooling system for energy efficient space conditioning
  • Heat-Pump hot water heating
  • Rooftop solar PV panels for renewable energy generation

Project Gallery

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