2014 | Philadelphia, PA

Having helped several major corporations and institutions improve their operations through the LEED for Existing Building Operations and Maintenance certification process, Re:Vision went through certification of our own facility.  In some cases, we had solid policies and procedures that merely needed some fine-tuning and in other cases, we identified and implemented smart capital improvements that led to reduced utilities and/or enhanced employee comfort.  Even for a sustainably-oriented firm, we still found benefit in the methodological and comprehensive look at our facility operations and maintenance.

  • Earned highest number of points for any LEED certification in PA
  • Were in the 99.995% of all EBOMs worldwide
  • Achieved Energy Star equivalent of 92 (out of 100)
  • We’re producing 52% of our building’s electricity
  • Earned all 15 credits for commuting transportation

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Architect: Re:Vision Architecture
Sustainability Consultant:  Re:Vision Architecture
Commissioning:  In Posse