Springfield Green

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Modular Chestnut Hill LEED Platinum twin-home development

Three big ideas:

Neighborhood Scale,
Modular Construction,
LEED Platinum Certified

These developer modular twin homes were an infill of a vacant urban site in a walkable Chestnut Hill neighborhood. Strong indoor-outdoor connections are provided through a series of balconies, porches, and terraces that retain privacy on a small, urban site, while still connecting to the bustle of Germantown Avenue. During construction, many neighbors wondered how the homes were built so quickly; the cores of the home were constructed off-site in modules and then shipped to the site for finishing. Ground coupled heat/cooling pumps in combination with a short run ducted system and energy recovering unit optimize energy consumption for heating and cooling while the bio-based spray foam walls with continuous insulation manage thermal gain and loss.

Project Gallery

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