Sustainable Energy Fund

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Feasibility assessment for a net-zero energy small office building

Three big ideas:

Net-Zero Energy,
Cost Modeling,
Market Driven

Re:Vision was charged with developing a roadmap for Sustainable Energy Fund for a cost competitive, 15,000 sf, net-zero energy multi-tenant office building. The study began with a design concept and cost estimate for a baseline 15,000 sf building that met typical developer specifications. From there, Re:Vision set to work iterating the design prototype in conjunction with energy modelers and cost estimators. The end result is a more compelling design than a typical office building, and it is also net-zero energy capable with only a minimal construction cost premium. Once on-site renewable energy-generation systems for net-zero energy are added into the equation, the anticipated break-even point, factoring first costs and energy savings, is projected to be 10 years, and the 30 year overall project savings is over $1.2M.

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