2018 | Wellesley, MA

A new greenhouse addition to an existing visitor center, Global Flora is Wellesley College’s first foray into the Living Building Challenge.  Re:Vision is the LBC consultant to Kennedy & Violich Architecture for this exciting project.  The team is targeting LBC Petal certification across three Petals: Water, Health & Happiness, and Beauty.  Re:Vision consulted on which petals to pursue, as well as strategies for achieving those petals.

Global Flora is truly being designed as a living building.  Not only will it consume net-zero water, but it will also house plant species from across the globe.  An enclosed pavilion is designed to protect and to conserve a beloved Camilla tree, reinforcing it as a focal point in the open space surrounding the facility.

The visually-striking greenhouse is also home to a wide variety of sensors and data collection hubs.  In pursuit of Imperative 20: Inspiration and Education, Global Flora will function as a research platform as students explore the interface of biology and the physical sciences.