Arthur Ravenel Bridge

Skeletons in the Closet

December 22, 2015

We all have a few and some of them are actually fun to share.  I was proud to see my name connected with the 10th anniversary of the Ravenel Bridge which is both a beautiful bridge and one that is heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists thanks to the work of cycling advocates.  During the design, I led the youth advocacy portion of the campaign (via my work with and it was a thing of beauty to see those young, articulate voices have an impact on local and state legislators.  My favorite part of the article is where the DOT thought that nobody would use the pedestrian lanes; 10 years later, the criticism is that they are not wide enough to accommodate all of the demand.  It’s a great example of how design impacts individual lifestyles and whole communities.  Here in Manayunk, we are now enjoying the new Manayunk Bridge Trail that extends the Cynwyd Heritage Trail in Lower Merion to downtown Manayunk.  Can’t wait to see more of this. Arthur Ravenel Bridge article