Passive House

Passive House is both a green building rating system for deep energy efficiency and a philosophy of how to build good buildings. Even when we are not pursuing Passive House certification we embed the principles in our design work. These include optimized continuous insulation, air sealed construction, high-performance windows and doors, detailing for minimal thermal bridging, and balanced energy recovery ventilation paired with high efficiency heating and cooling systems.  The results of this integrated approach are ultra-low energy use, high indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustic comfort, and increased thermal resilience.

Featured Passive House 

Muhlenberg Fahy Commons

Deep green Core Living Building Certified (first in the world!) + LEED Platinum faculty and student multi-purpose building at the campus woodland edge

Great Oaks – Building 150

Net-zero energy multi-family Passive House

Fishtown Passive House

Cost-efficient + energy-efficient Passive House

Allen Residence

Energy-efficient home with off-the-shelf products and systems

Silvergreen Residences

Cutting-edge green in a historic package

Northern Liberties Passive House

Cost-efficient + energy-efficient urban Passive House

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