Gorgeous, Sustainable, and Productive Space

At the outset of the project, Re:Vision was brought to the project to facilitate and design a gorgeous, sustainable, and productive space for Horizon House. Now that it is finished and we can experience the results of our work, I can say that they did an excellent job achieving those goals. Re:Vision was all-in from… More

Couldn’t Be Happier

We hired Re:Vision to design our main house and couldn’t be happier. We wanted a very contemporary look that took into consideration passive house principles. Everyone we worked with at the firm was very knowledgeable. It was truly a collaborative effort to get to where we wanted as owners while keeping an eye on the… More

I Would Hire Them in a Heartbeat

I cannot say enough good things about the Re:Vision team! I started a non-profit private Montessori School in 2014. We started looking for our own space from the very beginning and Re:Vision began supporting us during site selection. Three years into our search, we found our perfect, beautiful space in a residential estate. Re:Vision helped… More

Truly Speaks to Our Hearts

My husband and I hired Re:Vision Architecture to design a green home for us. We are in our 60’s and wanted to create a space that both reflected our current desires and potential needs in the future. Our architect, Mike Cronomiz, designed a home that truly speaks to our hearts. It has both beauty and… More

Highly Sophisticated Merger of Design & Technology

ReVision Architecture designed a house for us that satisfied our every request. Our number one requirement was to build a “passive house” or the closest we could afford – for an energy efficient home. Now just after one year in our home, we have realized a 75% to 80% reduction in energy usage and costs… More

Local, Flexible, Sustainable

[In hiring an architect and builder], we were looking for firms that were large enough to be able to appropriately and professionally handle our needs, but small enough that we felt we could have fluid collaboration. Our team also desired professional alignment in terms of considering flexibility, sustainability, creative problem solving and hiring local subcontractors. Of… More

My Go-To Firm

ReVision is my “go-to” architecture firm—both personally (for my home) and professionally (as a developer). With our sustainable values aligned, it’s easy and pleasurable to work out an innovative and practical design solutions together.

Very Impressive

The Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) of 48 is very impressive considering a standard Code Built home usually scores 100. I wish my home performed this well!

A Fantastic Building

We continue to get all kinds of compliments on “The Gathering Place” – so that is a feather in your caps!! It is a fantastic building and should see us well into the next century. If we should ever build another house, I want Re:Vision as the architect and Boss as the builder.

Helped to Secure Grants

Our primary goal for the solar renovation was that the structure itself would be used as a teaching tool. The design elements had to be plainly visible to visitors for demonstration purposes. Our renovations needed to not only be a fully functional display of several types of alternative energy and conservation principles but to also… More