Classes are Outstanding

Your ‘LEED AP, Easy as 1, 2, 3’ classes are outstanding, and I’m always hearing great things from our staff….Michelle and Scott are wonderful!

Informative & Delightful

I just wanted to thank you for a very informative and delightful “Cram for the Exam” program. Your presentation was not only nicely organized and intelligent but you delivered it such a charming and friendly manner.

Held the Focus Groups Together

Believe it or not, [the Building Green report] all started with you. Yep, you held the focus groups together, and cajoled others when needed. We see a lot of your work and your enthusiasm in the report. One more time – THANK YOU !!!

One of the Most Interesting [Sessions] I Have Seen

I was fortunate to have attended your presentation at Greenbuild last year and was extremely impressed – your presentation really hit home how intertwined the building envelope and HVAC systems are. It truly was one of the most interesting I have seen since I started attending Greenbuild.

A Great Course . . . Would Recommend

This is a great course [Deep Material Vetting for USGBC] for anyone looking for a primer on how to go about reviewing and selecting products based on their material ingredients. The research steps are very thorough and provide practical tips on how to manage the potentially overwhelming amount of information on a given product. The… More

In-Depth Review . . . by a Knowledgeable Pair of Architects

A very in-depth review of material toxicity by a knowledgable pair of architects. Their [Chris Lee and Scott Kelly] honesty about the complexities of tracking chemicals is refreshing. The team asks participants to interact through other websites and work with them to investigate component parts of MSDS’ (as a specific example) which shows how complex… More