A Pure Joy

Working with Re:Vision has been a pure joy. They are extremely knowledgeable and are very responsive to any request that I have. I feel we were very lucky to have them lead our project.

Passionate, Knowledgeable

I value Re:Vision’s passion for what they do, understanding, coaching, and most important, patience / empathy with the client. Re:Vision is a great company made up of GREAT employees who are passionate, knowledgeable and empowered to serve the client. I would certainly use Re:Vision again and refer them to other facility professionals undertaking LEED certification.

Clear Thinking, Straight Talk, Reliable

Re:Vision always analyzes alternatives and gives great guidance. When I think of Re:Vision, I think of: clear thinking, straight talk, reliable answers. They are leading teams, not just pushing the papers. Other consultants could take lessons on how to listen to their client needs and budget/schedule. Re:Vision’s team model and open communications is excellent.

Credits Are Exceeded, Not Just Met

I hired Re:Vision to be a consultant for a 60,000 sf LEED Fitness Center project. We found their services extremely beneficial. The knowledge they possess of the LEED process is greater than anyone we have encountered. We would strongly recommend them to anyone planning, designing or in the construction phase of a project. They will… More

Informed Team of Advisors

Thank you very much for your assistance with the High School project. As an engineer, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have an informed team of advisors on our side.

Instrumental . . . During Our Initial LEED EB Application

Re:Vision Architecture was instrumental in assisting our Facilities team during our initial LEED EB application for our Headquarters Building in 2006 where we achieved a Platinum rating. We eagerly reached out to Re:Vision a second time late in 2013 as we initiated our LEED EBOM recertification of our Platinum rated facility. ReVision’s professionalism, knowledge, experience,… More

Bring them in as early as you can.

Re:Vision is extremely knowledgeable about LEED and the USGBC so we were very fortunate that we had access to their services. More importantly they helped our team balance practical practices with our vision, and they were very pleasant to work with. My advice to others would be to bring them in as early as you… More

Tenacious Support

The LEED process is complicated and can be very frustrating for people like me who don’t “live LEED” on a daily basis. And, despite good intentions, a lot of things end up slipping through the cracks along the path from conceptual design through to construction. We’d be dead in the water on this one without… More