In-Depth Review . . . by a Knowledgeable Pair of Architects

July 31, 2018

A very in-depth review of material toxicity by a knowledgable pair of architects. Their [Chris Lee and Scott Kelly] honesty about the complexities of tracking chemicals is refreshing. The team asks participants to interact through other websites and work with them to investigate component parts of MSDS’ (as a specific example) which shows how complex this subject really is. This clever additional piece of the presentation, although obviously based on an instructional webinar, gives a bit of real life examples to what could have easily been a slide by slide overload of chemical or toxicity information. There are opportunities to download ‘free’ data and support materials direct from their own website, which will go a long way to help all of us to ‘move the marketplace’ The presenters have given the student viewing this presentation a hard lesson in how much we all know about this complex subject but also, how little.