A Superb Job . . . from Inception to Completion

July 31, 2018

Re:Vision was the architect for our Philadelphia corporate office. In addition they played the role of LEED/Sustainability Consultant. Long story short, they did a superb job taking our project from inception, starting with basic programming and inspiration, to completion, ending with a LEED CI Platinum space.

I would point out two aspects of their delivery that stood out:

  1. Programming/planning: In my opinion one of the most effective aspects of their approach was their design charrette format which was very interactive and highly productive. While these meetings can be very time consuming, they kept them on pace and made sure not to impose any predetermined outcomes. I’ve been part of several other design charrette processes and theirs was superior, in terms of efficiency and outcome. Perhaps most importantly, they never lost track of our prime directives.
  2. Construction phase: The project was under a very tight schedule, tough budget constraints and we were determined to achieve LEED Platinum, which was in no way secured. Re:Vision’s approach through this phase was one of collaboration, changing directions quickly when needed, and really staying focused on what mattered.

They worked closely with Jones Lang LaSalle Construction Company who was the General Contractor, to overcome a couple of tough base building conditions that were threatening to knock us out of Platinum contention. May not sound like a big deal but they did a great job reacting without overly impacting the time/money piece.

In summary it was a great experience working with Re:Vision. I’m sure we could have found a lower priced option but as I’m sure you know it’s more about the value than the price in most cases. They brought the value, at a high level.