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As a Partner at Re:Vision, Drew leads the firm in the design of deep-green projects, including net-zero energy, Living Building Challenge, and Passive House. His childhood in the Appalachian mountains, Bauhaus education at Virginia Tech, and early architectural career in San Francisco custom homes and Philadelphia institutional buildings have formed the foundation for Drew’s practice of Architecture. Combining beauty with other aspects of sustainability, Drew weighs the technical and aesthetic implications of each decision, and is passionate about details large and small.  He draws inspiration from nature, the craft and science of building, the creation of places for people to thrive, and the power of grassroots community education and organizing to create positive change.  A passionate leader in the Philadelphia green building community, Drew is focused on our common future through the lens of holistic design thinking and practice.

For his demonstrated experience in green architecture and his commitment to sustainability advocacy, Drew was recognized with AIA Philadelphia’s 2019 Young Architect Award and as a 2020 Living Future Hero by the International Living Future Institute.


Registered Architect (AIA), Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD), LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), Living Future Accredited Professional (LFA), Certified Biophilic Designer


AIA Philadelphia Young Architect Award, ILFI Living Hero Award


BArch | Virginia Tech

Community Involvement

Green Building United’s Living Future Community
International Living Future Institute
Community Design Collaborative

Fun Facts


Cumberland, MD (small town in the Appalachian Mountains)

Design Inspirations

WWSD (What Would Scarpa Do)

Sustainability Inspirations

Bill McKibben shook me as an architect and global citizen when I heard him speak at Greenbuild in 2008. This is all his fault!

Three things in your fridge

Buffalo Sauce, Sweet Vermouth, Avocados

Turntable or Spotify

Turntable at home; Spotify at work; My personal itunes library on the go!

Career Advice

ABS: Always Be Solving.

Why you do this work?

My life has ebbed and flowed between small towns, the Appalachian Mountains, the West Coast, global cities, and the Wissahickon Valley. I work with purpose at the intersection of the natural and built and environments to find solutions so both can thrive.

Favorite Books

Island by Aldous Huxeley, The End of Nature by Bill McKibben, Massive Change by Bruce Mau, The Medium is The Massage by Marshall McLuhan, Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut
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