Aerzen USA Headquarters

Coatesville, PA

Nature-inspired LEED Gold new construction office + manufacturing facility

Three big ideas:

Worker Centric,
Lean Manufacturing

Ten years after designing Aerzen’s US headquarters using principles of lean manufacturing and organic/anthroposophic design, Re:Vision worked with Aerzen on a major expansion to yield a total of 65,000 sf of office and manufacturing spaces. Having designed the original building and site with a future expansion in mind, we were able to take advantage of that foresight. As with the original building, corporate unity and employee wellness were underpinnings of the expansion design. Proven strategies from the original build, such as geo-thermal heat pumps and earth tubes, were incorporated into the addition alongside new advances in enclosure technologies.

Fast Facts


Commercial Use of Straw Bale + Earthen Plaster

Solar PV, providing 90% of energy needs

“Earth Tubes” to temper manufacturing spaces

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Passive Ventilation

Native Meadows

Outdoor Amenities: Courtyard, Vegetable Gardens, Trails

Porous Pavement

42% Flyash substitution for Portland cement in concrete for reduced embodied carbon

“We selected Re:Vision because we felt they were listening, taking our suggestions seriously, addressing our concerns with earnestness, and giving us honest advice. Re:Vision’s work has met all our expectations, and more. With enthusiasm and focus, they researched new approaches, concepts and technologies that they combined with their broad experience, strong technical competency, and common sense. ”

– Pierre Noack, President

Project Gallery

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