Camden Friends Meeting

Camden, Delaware

Historic meeting house deep green and net-zero energy restoration + addition

Three big ideas:

Net-Zero Energy,
Historic Restoration,
Gentle Modernism

The Historic Meeting House serves as the spiritual and social heart of Camden’s Quaker community.  Through the project, the c.1805 Meeting House was restored and new social hall was built to house indoor and outdoor events, catering, archival display, and community education. During the Master Planning phase, the building committee worked with Re:Vision to ensure the new building reflected their core values of simplicity and environmental stewardship.  Through careful design and detailing, the LEED-Platinum building starts with a low energy load and supplements energy needs through a closed-loop ground source heat pump and photovoltaic array. After the first year of operations, the new and old buildings worked together to create a net-zero energy campus.

Fast Facts


Closed-loop geothermal system

12kW photovoltaic array makes more than 150% of the campus annual energy use

2,000 gallon cistern collects rainwater for flushing toiets and watering gardens

100% of excess stormwater is filtrated on-site through planting

97.5% of demolition from previous addition was recycled or reused

NESEA $10,000 award for Net-Zero Energy design and performance

LEED NC Platinum Certified

“We continue to get all kinds of compliments on "The Gathering Place" - so that is a feather in your caps!! It is a fantastic building and should see us well into the next century. If we should ever build another building, I want Re:Vision as the architect and Boss as the builder. ”

– Michael Richards, Camden Friends Meeting

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